All-Pro Dad
May 11, 2018
7:25am (Cafeteria)

Lion King
Drama Production

May 18, 2018
7:00pm (PLC)

Peter Pan
Drama Production

May 18, 2018
7:30pm (PLC)

Peter Pan
Drama Production

May 19, 2018
7:30pm (PLC)

8th Grade Graduation
May 25, 2018

Kindergarten Graduation
May 29, 2018

Last Day of School
June 1, 2018

2018-2019 Orientation / Meet the Teacher
August 7, 2018

2018-2019 First Day of School

August 8, 2018

Lorianne Rotz
Assistant Principal:
Milagros Morales

869 Maitland Avenue
Altamonte Springs, Florida 32701

Phone 407-339-7301
Fax 407-339-9556

ELC Phone 407-831-3740

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The importance of building upon spiritual, academic, emotional, and social strengths in the safeness and support of the St Mary Magdalen Catholic School system allowed my daughter to grow within herself. Faith is the heart of our family, and is the heart of the Catholic school.

Nancy (parent of a former graduate, grandparent of future student)

St. Mary Magdalen is one of the most outstanding Catholic schools around central Florida. It is a place you can go in the morning and enjoy yourself because you know you are safe. At St. Mary Magdalen Catholic School you learn things that will stick with you for the rest of your life. My school offers many opportunities that are not only educational experiences but life lessons. If you are looking for a Catholic school to send your child I would have to recommend St. Mary Magdalen as my top choice. I know I have had some of the best years of my life here and will definitely be leaving with a million memories to remember forever.

Allie, Student

St. Mary Magdalen Catholic School provides an amazing learning environment. As an eighth grade student I should know, I have spent nearly my whole life at this school. St. Mary Magdalen has gradually shaped for me, the academics and basics for everything I will need and learn in life. This base which is molding me as a young adult has been strengthened greatly, because in every class from Science to Music, Jesus is incorporated in a way that makes faith fun! Safety is also a large part of our school's beliefs and because of this I can say that I went to school in a bully and stress free environment.

Ben, Student

 Being in a Catholic school has been a delightful experience. At St. Mary Magdalen, they mix great academics with loads of fun and Catholic learning. The enthusiastic teachers instill in us their great knowledge and Catholic ideals. Yes, we do study all of the usual subjects such as Math or English. But we also learn about God and what it means to be a Catholic. We learn how to live a moral life and help others. Even if you're not Catholic in our school you still learn important moral lessons and are blessed with teachers and students who truly care for and love you.  SMM is also filled with loads of fun extracurricular activities and sports. St. Mary Magdalen offers you an experience you can get no where else.

Chris, Student

Saint Mary Magdalen Catholic School has many other opportunities for kids to grow in their faith, knowledge, and talent. We have many programs such as CAPS and RISE, weekly masses, Stations of the Cross, and other religious activities, and many academic chances for kids to get involved. I love this school, not just because I have been attending SMM for most of my life, but because it has exciting and challenging academic courses and wonderful memories that I will have forever. Saint Mary Magdalen Catholic School is indeed the best school you could ever hope for your children.

Emily, Student

Saint Mary Magdalen has been one of the most important locations in my life.  This is where I first discovered my passion for acting.  I have made many new friends and have honed my skills through the play program.  It has been a great way for me to become more outgoing.  The teachers are all have varied education styles to keep every class fresh.  They are also rather nice, yet the know when to bring the hammer down.  Almost every friend I have has been in this school. 

J.P., Student

We have every opportunity from drama to volleyball, so you can always find friends with interests similar to yours. In eighth grade we have the special privilege of electives every Wednesday where we get to choose which exciting class to join. I am blessed with the opportunity of going to a Catholic school.

Mary, Student

When I arrived in fifth grade, I thought as the new kid, I would be shunned from all the happenings at the school, and in my class. However, at St. Mary Magdalen, that wasn't the case. I was welcomed with open arms. As the years went on, I experienced more of the many things that this school has to offer. For example, at this school they include Spanish as a second-language class, from grades Kindergarten through eighth, something I had never had. Each teacher is willing to go that extra mile to help a student in need, and that makes me feel like here at school we are not only like one big community, but like one family. Also, the atmosphere here makes me feel so comfortable, I almost feel as if I am in my own home. To make a person feel like they're at home, when they're really not, takes a lot.

Matthew, Student

St. Mary Magdalen is a great school. The cutting edge technology is all around. Our teachers are the best teachers in the whole entire world. Athletics are shown in our physical education program and the many sports that we provide for our students. At St. Mary Magdalen there is something for everyone.

Sebastian, Student

St. Mary Magdalen Catholic School has many positive points to look at. There are many activities to participate in They have sports like basketball, track and field, soccer, and volleyball Also for the eight graders we also have electives each Wednesday We also learn about our Lord and Savior of the World Jesus Christ. We even have Religious Art where we learn about all different religious works of art. We also participate in the Stations of the Cross, in which we depict all that Jesus went through as he made his way to Golgotha I am so glad that I go to the most wonderful school ever, St. Mary Magdalen.

Tommy, Student